Thorough Examination: the interactive guides

Beware: not every Examination is truly "Thorough". 

CFTS is a national standard guaranteed to fulfil your obligations under both LOLER 98 AND PUWER 98.

To steer you through the many differences between LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 requirements, CFTS has developed a range of interactive guides for different fork lift vehicles to show you exactly what is covered by each of these regulations.

Click on one of the vehicle icons below to find out precisely which parts of the truck are regulated by either LOLER 98 or PUWER 98...




Rough Terrain




Demountable Truck Interactive Guide


Stacker Truck Interactive Guide    

What should it cover?

Not every Examination is Thorough. Our interactive guides shows what must be checked, and why.

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What should it cover