Getting faults fixed right after a Thorough Examination means you don’t have to wait for repairs.

Many inspection providers will perform a Thorough Examination but are not equipped to make repairs on-site should faults be found. Instead, you could be left to wait for a service engineer before the truck can be used, costing you valuable time and money.

When you choose Thorough Examinations from CFTS-accredited companies, you can rest assured that the engineer conducting the Thorough Examination has the experience and equipment on hand to carry out necessary repairs immediately — meaning your truck will be back up and running as soon as possible.

CFTS-accredited providers are obliged under a stringent procedural code to provide a Report of Thorough Examination complying fully with LOLER and PUWER, a checklist specifying what has been inspected and recording any comments made, a certificate to keep with the truck’s documents, and a sticker (affixed to the truck) to show the day, month and year when the next Thorough Examination is due.

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