Thorough Examination in the news...

Conviction is a near certainty

31 August 2023

Leading accrediting body warns of high conviction rates and ever-greater fines resulting from HSE prosecutions

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Does your MHE attachment need its own inspection?

31 July 2023

Industry accrediting body voices concern over ‘widespread confusion’

With the demand for ever more specialised

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Who’s the most important person when it comes to a Thorough Examination?

30 June 2023

Clue: it’s not the inspector. (We’ll come onto them later).

It’s you as the employer

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Regular maintenance checks - literally a matter of life and death

31 May 2023

HSE advises that half of farming fatalities involving moving equipment could be prevented by checking

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National Forklift Safety Day wins support of leading accrediting body

28 April 2023

Ensuring equipment is fit for purpose is a crucial part of site safety

CFTS, the

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Are you doing everything you can to prevent machinery accidents on your farm?

31 March 2023

Thorough Examinations are key to ensure safe equipment.

Machinery accidents have long been the leading

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The one thing about Thorough Examinations that most managers don’t know…

27 February 2023

‘Exceptional circumstances’ may mean you need an additional
Thorough Examination (LOLER)

It’s fair to say

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Are you sitting safely?

30 January 2023

Why a CFTS Thorough Examination (LOLER) even includes the seat

How’s this for a simple

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