Why join CFTS?

Companies that service fork lift trucks, and wish to carry out Thorough Examinations, should consider CFTS accreditation.

Accreditation to the industry's own voluntary standard gives a robust, tried-and-tested framework for adding this important service to your portfolio, and proves to your customers that you are a well-managed company, willing and able to help them run their trucks safely, without cutting corners.

For further benefits of joining CFTS, see the following document:

To be able to offer CFTS Thorough Examinations, you first need to obtain a copy of the complete Quality Assurance Code, including GN28. This is obtainable from the British Industrial Truck Association and is an important part of providing your customers with peace of mind.

You need to read this document carefully, because these are the standards to which your company will be held.

You will also need to provide CFTS with detailed information about the staff who will be involved in undertaking Thorough Examinations, as well as information on your facilities, equipment and training.

To apply online, please click here:

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To learn more about becoming an accredited company, email CFTS directly.

Further information on CFTS Thorough Examination training courses can be found here.