Application Introduction

The following online application will be sent directly to the Technical Managers at CFTS who will then make a careful decision on your suitability for CFTS Thorough Examination accreditation based on the details you enter here.

This online application is split into four simple steps and to make the process quicker it may help you to have the following information to hand before you begin your application:

  1. Company information:
    • Primary company contact (address, telephone and email details)
    • Registered number
    • VAT number
    • Date commenced trading
    • Manager responsible for application
    • Employee responsible for Through Examination quality assurance
    • Number of years with company
  2. Additional depots (if applicable):
    • Main contact details (name, address, telephone and email)
    • Proposed Thorough Examination manager(s)
    • Number of engineers based at depot
  3. Details of all Competent Persons at each address:
    • Names
    • Courses attended
    • Course locations
    • Course dates
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