Half Measures


Often, getting half of what you bargained for is worse than nothing at all.
It's usually obvious when a job's half done... but what if you didn't know?
In a recent survey, 93% of fork lift truck managers said they thought their "Thorough Examination" would – as the name suggests – automatically check the whole truck.
In fact, most inspections cover the bare minimum required by LOLER 98 regulations: the lifting parts only.
That's a big problem, because under PUWER 98, employers have to ensure the whole truck is safe for the operator to use. If important components like the steering and the brakes haven't been examined, you just don't know.
The worst part is, tens of thousands of warehouse managers think their trucks' brakes have been checked, when they haven't. That leaves them, and their workers, dangerously exposed... and they don't even know it.
Are you sure you're fully covered? Watch the video to find out.