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Attachments could pose serious safety risk

24 February 2021

Lifting accessories used for agricultural operations must be included in Thorough Examinations.

Vehicles used for

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The most common mistake equipment owners make

10 February 2021

CFTS clarifies confusion over Thorough Examination schedules.

All responsible work equipment owners and users know

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Thorough Examinations during third lockdown

13 January 2021

CFTS is reminding owners to arrange inspections before truck reports expire.

As the body behind

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CFTS extends training nationwide

10 November 2020

New Training Manager will support members around the UK

CFTS has appointed a new Training

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Truly local service from CFTS

13 October 2020

From Land’s End to John o'Groats, the CFTS Thorough Examination scheme spans the entire nation.

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Why a CFTS Thorough Examination is measurably better

15 September 2020

No place for guesswork in a Thorough Examination

One of the fundamental reasons behind industry

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Poor lift truck inspections pose risk to life warns CFTS

20 July 2020

Lift truck operators could be at risk of accidents if vehicles are not inspected properly

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CFTS delivers ‘Practical 3-Point Plan’ to forklift users

5 June 2020

To support companies coming out of lockdown and resuming materials handling operations, CFTS is issuing

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