Thorough Examination: the interactive guides

Stacker Truck Guide

Beware: not every Examination is truly "Thorough". CFTS is a national standard guaranteed to fulfil your obligations under LOLER 98 and PUWER 98.

Some so-called "Thorough" Examinations only cover a fork truck's lifting mechanism, doing the minimum to meet LOLER 98 (in blue, below); but you also have a duty under PUWER 98 to ensure equipment is safe to use - and that requires a much more detailed examination (also including the items in red). A CFTS Thorough Examination is certain to cover both parts.

Hover your mouse over any section of the truck below to see which regulation covers that particular section of the vehicle. For example, would you want to use a truck that hadn't had its brakes checked?

NB: this basic interactive guide is for explanatory purposes only. The full CFTS Thorough Examination procedure, GN28, is available for purchase from BITA.
Read more about CFTS here.