Why employers should demand to see a Thorough Examination Report

25 February 2020

CFTS explains why employers should demand to see a Thorough Examination Report

Companies purchasing or hiring used forklift trucks are being urged to make sure that they see a validThorough Examination Report for every machine they bring on site.

“Any piece of materials handling equipment must be fit for purpose and not pose a risk to health and safety,” said Geoff Martin, Chairman of CFTS — the body behind a UK national standard for the Thorough Examination of lift trucks. “A Thorough Examination Report will show you that the truck has been assessed and whether there are any faults on it. Without the Report, you have no assurance of the truck’s condition.”

It is a legal requirement that forklift trucks receive a Thorough Examination at least once every 12 months. Employers have a responsibility to ensure a truck has valid documentation when taking possession under any kind of lease, hire or loan agreement.

“Insisting on checking the Thorough Examination Report when you get a truck is a sensible thing to do as it gives you peace of mind,” said Mr Martin.

“More importantly, you are fulfilling your legal obligation to your employees to provide safe equipment. If you are investigated by the HSE and are deemed to be acting negligently then you could personally face a significant fine or even prison; and will shoulder the responsibility and guilt if one of your staff is injured.”

Designed specifically for lift trucks and based on HSE guidance, a CFTS Thorough Examination embraces all specified requirements of LOLER and PUWER regulations, plus a 34-point inspection of forklift attachments. It can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, including counterbalance trucks, telehandlers, rough terrain trucks, man-up models and reach trucks, and certifies that they work in accordance with legal standards.

Mr Martin added: “All our CFTS-accredited companies must provide an up-to-date Thorough Examination Report with their trucks, in compliance with the law. If you are in any doubt about the inspection status of a used truck that you have purchased or hired, I would recommend contacting your local CFTS member to arrange a Thorough Examination.”                                                

CFTS established a national standard for Thorough Examinations in the UK forklift truck industry. For more details, please visit www.thoroughexamination.org or call 01344 623 800.