Thorough Examinations essential after lockdown

31 March 2021

CFTS reminds work equipment owners of their legal obligations.

The body behind the national standard for Thorough Examinations has confirmed that any equipment that was out of action (stood down or left idle) for a prolonged period during the latest lockdown is due an inspection before it is recommissioned for service.

Owners and users of work equipment have a legal responsibility to arrange Thorough Examinations, in line with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

CFTS Chairman Geoff Martin says: “The HSE is very clear on the importance of ensuring regular Thorough Examinations throughout the pandemic. Equipment can be dangerous and cause an accident if it’s faulty. The risk is even higher if the equipment has been stored for a long period of time, such as during this latest lockdown. A Thorough Examination will determine if there has been any deterioration over recent weeks and will confirm whether equipment is safe to use.

“It is important to remember that equipment owners do not have to use the inspection provider offered by their insurance company. For example, they are free to choose a local CFTS-accredited examiner, who will assess parts such as the steering, brakes and tyres, in addition to the lifting components, ensuring that the truck is fully fit for purpose.”

Once the work equipment has received a Thorough Examination, it can be recommissioned for service. Owners should refer to the operator’s manual for guidance on the requirements for testing and servicing.

“CFTS-accredited providers are available now and have remained open throughout the pandemic to ensure that all work equipment stays up and running,” adds Geoff Martin. “This third lockdown has been no different, and we encourage all owners and users to get in touch should you have any queries about getting operations going again.”