Xmas Quiz 2020 Results

Congratulations to our winner:

John Hayton of C T Hayton Agricultural Engineers



  1. Who sang the opening line on the original Do They Know It's Christmas? 

  • Paul Young  


  1. What is the name of the fictional town in It's A Wonderful Life? 

  • Bedford Falls  


  1. A Christmas Carol was first published in what year? 

  • 1843  


  1. Which king of England was crowned on Christmas Day? 

  • William I  


  1. Which two gospels of the bible include the Christmas story? 

  • Matthew and Luke  


  1. Which Christmas chocolate favourite was launched in 1932? 

  • Chocolate Orange 


  1. Which of Santa's reindeers are named after the weather? 

  • Donner and Blitzen  


  1. Who holds the record for the most Christmas number 1s? 

  • The Beatles  


  1. In what decade did Coca-Cola start using Santa Claus in advertisements? 

  • 1920s  


  1. In what country did Silent Night originate? 

  • Austria